Agricultural machines production





The prices listed  exclude IVA  at 20%

Mainardi's motor rakes are safe and solid ,ideal for any farm , produced for forage cultivation  and lane Stable cleaning  before and after  cattle feeding .

They are self-propelled and powered by BCS mod 622 engine  with 4 front  and 1 reverse gear ,differential with separate lock , all  machines are fully manufactured at our plant in Abbiategrasso and built-in long term reliability and durability.

The elevated drive  position allows a very good visibility , all mechanical levers are well positioned ,the platform is protected by vibration and stuffed seat reduce operator fatigue during  work days.

All Mainardiís motor rakes can be equipped with certified lighting systems  for road circulation. A unique feature allows wheels to rotate on both directions.

Our  experience and knowledge of farm machinery is synonym of qualified production combined  also   with the highest quality of services support and immediate delivery of spare parts in order to  reduce machine downtime.



















mod 369 mechanical movement

mod 383 hydraulic movement